Higher Power

He placed his hand on my mouth, waiting for me to blow those raspberries hard. As I blew into his hand, tickling with the vibration, I noticed his spread-eagle smile start to jiggle with a giggle. The lilt of his restrained laughter, encouraged me to do it again and again. How irresistibly cute. I continued to play this game and he continues his lilting laugh.

How miraculous this day is as we share our playful moments both quiet and loud at the same time. His laughter reminds me of hope and promise I received that night in the dark, hard road of blood and tar. A higher power has given me courage. A higher power has given him strength to fight. My lucho or luchodor, which means fighter in Spanish, is born of a higher power. As a child with Down’s, he is a friend forever. He touches and changes those who meet him and has a permanent effect on those who interact with him over time.

Lucho has Angel Power; power to heal, power to feel, power to make thankful hearts. He loves all, and makes you proud. His playful manner never ceases to amuse and lighten hearts. When his brothers come to him and say, “Good morning” or “Hi, Luis”, his heart and smile swell with overwhelming pleasure. They too, are touched by their own actions, because El Lucho has validated with a soaring smile of happiness to the heart.


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