The daily struggle to make things happen; to bring desires to fruition, to see my son walk again, grows more burdensome. People say, “I don’t know how you do it. How do you manage it all? Don’t you ever get tired?” They don’t know there is a secret reward for those with diligence of heart and action. People say, “I admire your dedication! Where do you get the energy?” There’s a secret reward for consistent dedication. The reward awaits its nourishment so that it might grow into the great evidence of love.

I don’t stop pushing to do better, to do more; because of him. He makes life better because of who he is and because he is still my gift. His desire to enjoy each person makes me realize the greatness of heaven and its wonders. Because of him I am thankful for each event, gift, problem, person I encounter. He keeps me strong because I want to be strong for him.