Goings On

How does one approach a person of great intent but of unintentional malice? What to do? Our caregivers have our utmost respect and undefined trust, yet our trust gets tested. Doesn’t it? What to do? Several weeks if not months have passed where I was that trusted caregiver to my child, watching over him at night as I waited wary and ready for that sneaky seizure to appear all ugly and disconcerting. He trusts me to keep him safe as he sleeps, regardless. Oh, What to do!

I smell it. The tainted smell of e-vape with a hit of tobacco.” A lotion”, my husband called it. He said, “Es un locion. No hay problema. Ella es buena gente.” I agree, she is a good person, and she wouldn’t want to make a problem, however, I know what I smell. The rest of my house doesn’t smell this way. Why should this smell come from my son’s room? What makes it okay to vape? Is that even a word?

As I walk down to the end of the house where the kids are, I remember my days as a smoker; the urge, the desire to puff just once and make it a big one. I remember and I say to myself how much I used to love to sneak away to smoke. Puff and drag, drag and puff; never stopping for fear that someone would come and find us.

Well, the nose in my neighbors’ family said, “No.” So I went onto the Church Centers to see what kind of neightbors happen to vape. None,” said she. “Its just like smokin’.You have to inhale and you have to puff. I tried to ignore her comments.



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