The burning desire to write spills over and I think of all these great lines, ideas, plots or parts of plots. I go to write them down in my notebook…..hmm, hmm, what was that? and how did it go? Now why can’t I remember? Is it menopausal dementia? Or am I really day dreaming way too much? Then, when I’ve had a good moment of jotting something down so that I don’t lose the fantastic idea, an interruption occurs….I look at my half written sentence and pause to remember what I was thinking; its gone. I try back-tracking; gone. Gone are my sensational and vivacious ideas, that I sit, slump and cry.

Some how I will rise from this stinking dilemma. Some how, I’ll see myself writing fervently and fast. Some how I’ll ready for new assignments and bigger clients. Some how I’ll get all my stories on paper and published. I will hold strong to this dream.

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