It’s ten minutes before the hour of the time I decided several hours ago to stop my writing and pick back up on the Mommy Bus.  After dropping my son off at school over thirty minutes away from home, I realized I struggled with little results in writing production. I committed myself to looking forward to the opportunity to write while he attended school. Thank goodness for public libraries! I carry my portable office and get to sit in a place with minimal distraction. Right?pexels-photo-256468.jpeg


The county has decided to update the library. Yay! Unfortunately, people like me suffer terribly from minimal distraction, finding distraction in reading the book bindings surrounding me. Oooh. Neil Gaiman…I’ll have to snag that on my way out.

Thankfully, I came across “Hey Look A Writer Fellow”, read some of his blog entries and felt encouraged to take charge of these fatal ten minutes. Many thanks for Mike Allegra and his candidly, captivating manner to be real.

While the clock tells me my time is up and I have to stick to the disciplined use of my time, I can be proud to know I’ve written a two hundred words within my deadline!


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