Growth comes in many forms and contexts. The strongest growth experience is the one which requires inhuman strength and achievement. If you had a child with an acquired  traumatic brain injury which requires 24/7 nursing, you’d probably think, it will be all fine. The nurses will come and take care of him. This is not always the case. I’m facing my sixth night in a row of a twelve hour shift until the morning nurse comes in to relieve me; if there is one. I do this and get my boys up for their summer activities, and make some mommy-son time. When do I sleep? I haven’t figured that out yet.

Just the other day, I was pulled over for no staying in my lane. I informed the officer of my current circumstances. What would you do? The officer promptly reminded me that she was not in those circumstances and that I need to think about the safety of my son by staying within the lines and driving more carefully. Growth is what you discover about yourself when extreme circumstances arise as life happens. I guess I’m growing more than I know.

I know these circumstances are not typical. Not everyone faces what I face.I know there are other parents who struggle daily with caring for their disabled child. I keep telling myself, this too will pass. As each night of nursing my son to watch for seizures which may break through when I least expect continues to become more and more frequent, I have to keep a positive mind. I have to be hopeful. His quality of life depends on my positivity and determination to find an end to the suffering. I am his strongest advocate. With advocacy comes more growth.

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